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Choosing an Atlas of the World

What is the prime requirement of the world atlas?
* mapping
* information like country populations etc
* a combination of both
* a world atlas on a specific topic (like wine for example)

Our shelves contain a wide range of atlases from different publishers and at a varying range of prices.

Times Concise
Atlas of the World

This atlas has all the information for exploring the world from your armchair.

Size: 480mm x 325mm (HxW)

Times Universal
Atlas of the World

This stunning reference atlas provides the accuracy of a Times Atlas.

Size: 330mm x 270mm (HxW)

Times Desktop
Atlas of the World

An excellent world atlas for every day use at home or work, representing broad coverage at a great price.


Times Mini
Atlas of the World

A pocket-sized Times Atlas of the World is a handy reference atlas for home, school or office.

Atlas, Schmatlas

This is an absolutely silly, yet decidedly informative and comprehensive atlas of the world.

The Atlas of the Real World

This reference book has everything we need to make sense of today's world.


The World Atlas of Wine

Wine regions such as Canterbury in New Zealand, Swartland in South Africa and Ningxia in China, along with many others, are covered.

The World Atlas of Coffee

Coffee has never been better, or more interesting, than it is today. Coffee has never been better, or more interesting, than it is today..

History of the World in Maps

This book tells the incredible history of our world through maps.


National Geographic Concise Atlas of the World

With more than 550 maps and graphics, this atlas provides accurate coverage of the whole world.


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