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Compasses are made of durable materials and have liquid-filled capsules for steady needle operation under the most severe weather conditions. All the compasses are individually balanced for five geographical zones, with the exception of some models that have global balancing and thus can be used all over the world.

Compasses purchased in New Zealand will normally be balanced for the Southern Hemisphere. If you want a compass that works everywhere in the world, be sure to get a global compass.

Suunto Compasses

A-10 General purpose base-plate compass

A-30 Luminous bezel with large magnifier

Clipper A great micro compass

M-3G Global compass with magnifier and extended base-plate

MC-2G Global mirror compass with adjustable declination

MCA A simple sighting compass

MB-6 A sighting compasses offering precision navigation

Military Compasses

MC-2G mls Global mirror compass in mils

Ranger 54 mls Global mirror compass in mils

Precision Instruments

KB-14 A hand-bearing compass with high accuracy

KB-20 A floating, light-weight hand-bearing compass

PM-5 Clinometer A hand-held device for measuring heights

Tandem Precision compass and clinometer in one

Silva Compasses

Field has 1:50,000 scale to match NZ topos

Ranger base-plate compass

Ranger S classic sighting compass

Ranger SL advanced sighting compass

Ranger Global global base-plate compass

Expedition a base-plate compass

Expedition S a mirror-sighting compass

Silva Thumb Compasses

Race Jet Spectra Not available till March, 2021


Compasses measure direction in degrees, which, on a compass, increases clockwise:

East is at 90 degrees
South at 180
West at 270
North at 360 or 0 degrees.

Compass ABC
How to use a compass

How to use a map and a compass.

Compass FAQ

All you ever wanted to know about compasses.

If you've got a question to which you can't find an answer, then email and ask us. We'll do our best to answer.

Compass Types
  • Baseplate compass
  • Gyro compass
  • Prismatic compass
  • Thumb compass
  • and more

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