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New Zealand's Smart Mapping System

Freshmap for Windows (Version 20, 2020)
For Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10, 10.1,

Freshmap for MAC (Version 11, 2020)
For Yosemite, El Capitan, Sierra, High Sierra, Mojave, Catalina

Freshmap features - mapping for Windows or MAC
  • Updated maps
  • Freshmap shows track rise/fall in properties and profile.
  • Freshmap shows major DOC boundaries with description information.
  • DOC descriptions are searchable. (Queen's chain along rivers is not shown.)
  • DOC boundaries are shown by a green line
  • Cadastral mapping - property boundaries, "paper roads", identification of conservation land.
Freshmap features - GPS
  • Updated maps
  • Freshmap for Garmin GPS maps show DOC boundaries with a pale green line.

  • Freshmap Topo - NZTM topographic & cadastral mapping

    Note: Cadastral mapping is only available for the computer version.

  • Freshmap for Garmin GPS - topographic mapping for Garmin GPS

    For a list of Garmn GPS which are compatible with Freshmap Windows or Mac, click here

  • Freshmap Demo - download a Demo here

    Freshmap Topo & Cadastrals (Windows)
    microSD card
    New Zealand
    Freshmap Topo & Cadastrals (Mac)
    microSD card
    New Zealand
    Freshmap TOPO for Garmin GPS
    microSD card
    New Zealand
    FreshMap logo
    Freshmap is used by:
    • trampers
    • climbers
    • farmers
    • 4W drivers
    • hunters
    • multisport athletes
    • schools
    • universities
    • libraries
    • Crown Research Institutes
    • NZ Police
    • SAR facilities

    Benefits of Freshmap:
    • many different maps
    • many different scales
    • most up-to-date
    • available for Windows
    • available for Mac
    • fly 3D at 1:50,000 scale
    • fly 3D at 1:250,000 scale
    • works will Garmin Handheld GPS

    Below is an image of Freshmap in 3D mode. It's great for seeing the contours in the mountains.

    how to order
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