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GPSMAP 276cx

All-terrain GPS Navigator
  • GPSMap 276Cx: $1,099
  • GPSMap 276Cx + G2: $1,199
  • GPSMap 276Cx + TOPO AU/NZ + Auto Mount: $1,299

Montana 680t Montana 680t

The Montana 680t has 8 Megapixel Camera and preloaded topomaps which features a dual-orientation, colour touchscreen that's glove friendly,

Price: $1,045
Oregon 750t Oregon 750t

The Oregon 750t is a GPS with a barometric altimeter, electronic compass. It combines a touchscreen with an 8 megapixel digital camera.

Price: $845

Oregon 700 Oregon 700

Oregon 700 has a touch-screen with a barometric altimeter, electronic compass.

Price: $695
Rino 750 Rino 700 series

Rino 700/750 is a rugged GPS/GLONASS handheld with a powerful 2-way Radio.

Price: $575 / $845

GPSMap 64sc GPSMap 64sc

GPSMAP 64sc includes an 8 megapixelcamera electronic compass withsensor. You can receive email, texts etc from your iPhone®.

Price: $699
GPSMap 64s GPSMap 64s

GPSMAP 64s includes an electronic compass with barometric altimeter, wireless connectivity. You can receive email, texts etc from your iPhone®.

Price: $495

GPSMap 64 GPSMap 64

The GPSMAP 64 handheld navigator features a quad helix antenna. It also has 4gb of internal memory and a microSD card slot.

Price: $425
eTrex 35 eTrex 35

The eTrex 35 has touch screen with a built-in electronic compass and its barometric altimeter. Adding maps is easy with a microSD card slot.

Price: $525

eTrex 25 eTrex 25

The eTrex 25 has touch screen and an electronic compass, with preloaded geocaches.

Price: $425
eTrex 30x eTrex 30x

The eTrex 30x has a built-in electronic compass, and barometric altimeter pinpoints. Adding maps is easy with a microSD card slot.

Price: $495

eTrex 20x eTrex 20x

The eTrex 20x has an easy-to-use interface, paperless geocaching and expanded mapping capabilities.

Price: $335
eTrex 10 eTrex 10

The eTrex 10 has a bright screen, a worldwide basemap and paperless geocaching.

Price: $175

Accessories for Handheld GPS

GPS Mapping

There are 3 types of mapping:

1. City Navigator

2. Topographic mapping

3. Bluecharts (marine)


If you have a GPS without NZTM, download

NZTM instructions

to find out how to set your GPS up.

Most Popular Handheld GPS
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eTrex series
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Montana / Oregon
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