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Tramping in the New Zealand

Hot Springs of New Zealand

This revised and expanded edition of Hot Springs of New Zealand includes over 100 individual thermal springs all over the country (both commercial and non-commercial).

It includes a directory of motel, backpacker and campground accommodations that have thermal pools for guests. Fans of elusive hot springs are provided with the GPS coordinates, map references and the detailed directions needed to find them. Where applicable, there are also notes on the springs’ history and nearby points of interest.


SpotX Tramping NZ

Tramping and bush walking is one of New Zealander's favourite past times and arguably we have one of the best countries in the world to do it in.

NZ's Long Trail:
Te Araroa

The Te Araroa Trail is a continuous trail running from Cape Reinga to Bluff. The book maps the 3000-kilometre trail in 40-kilometre sections.

A Walk a Day in NZ

All of the walks are three hours or less and will suit those who enjoy walking but do not fancy a long tramp.

Tramping in New Zealand

This book features the 40 of the most popular tramps in New Zealand, each illustrated with at least one Bird's Eye map.

Hiking & Tramping NZ

Lonely Planet has amazing tramping experiences and the great planning advice.

Great Walks of New Zealand

This book is a tribute to New Zealand's eight finest walking tracks, by renowned wilderness photographer Craig Potton.

202 Great Walks of New Zealand

This book has walks from 1 to 2 hours, up to 5 to 8 hours with notes on track conditions.

Best Day Walks of New Zealand

60 escapes into nature. Pick a hike that works for you, from a few hours to a full day. .


Tramping in the North Island

Excellent Short Walks: North Island

250 North Island short walks grouped by region. Each can be accomplished in a couple of hours.


Tramping in the South Island

Canterbury Foothills & Forests

This book explores new walking excursions in the greater Canterbury region, Lewis and Arthur's Pass as well asmany more.

Moir's Guide North

Moir's Guide North provides information about all the tramping routes in Otago and South Westland.

Day Walks of Canterbury and Kaikoura

This book has 60 of Canterbury and Kaikoura's best day walks,

Excellent Short Walks: South Island

250 South Island short walks grouped by region. Each can be accomplished in a couple of hours.

Otago Rail Trail Guide

This compact, illustrated guide is packed with useful facts and information that will help you understand and appreciate the places you will visit. 
West Coast Walking

This book presents an introduction to the West Coast's physical environment and it provides a guide to the walks.


Cooking Books for Tramping

NZ Backcountry Cooking

This book provides a range of delicious, lightweight food options that can be created with simple cooking techniques.

Fast and Light

This book has been prepared for all trampers who want new food ideas especially those undertaking multi day tramps with weight limitations.

Quick and Easy 

This book is written especially for those outdoor adventurers who are now using the modern rapid boil stove systems. 


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