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Educational Globes

MapWorld thinks that every classroom in every school should have a globe.

Please email or phone for educational discounts.

Discounts do not apply to globes which are already discounted.
  • Brightly coloured globes with blue oceans are best for young children
  • Blank globes are a great learning tool because they can be drawn on
  • A political globe is a great educational tool because the countries are in different colours
  • A physical globe shows the mountains, deserts, forested areas
  • Raised relief on a globe means that there is an indication as to where the mountains are
  • ALL globes are current. This applies to antique looking globes as well.
  • some have half meridians (the bracket that attaches the orb - the ball - to the stand)
  • some have full meridians which mean the orbs can be tilted to any angle
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IntelliGlobe 11

Moon Illuminated



Puzzleball Antique

150 mm

Puzzleball Antique

230 mm

Puzzleball Blue

230 mm

Inflatable Colour the Earth, 40cm


Inflatable Political Globe, 50cm

Inflatable Political Globe, 40cm
(blue) $39.90

Inflatable Political Globe, 30cm

Inflatable Globe on a Stand

Because of the many variations in monitors and browsers, thecolourof a globe may appear different on
different monitors. We cannot guarantee that what you see accurately portrays the colourof the globe.

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