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Antarctic books and maps

LP Antarctica

This best-selling guide is your essential companion to The Ice.

Price: $39.90
White Silence

These photographs reveal a solemn and sparse terrain .

Price: $115
Unclaimed Coast

The first successful circumnavigation by kayak.

Price: $39.90

That First Antarctic Winter

This is a tale of madness, death, and fear.

Price: $59.90
Climbing the Pole

Edmund Hillary and the Trans-Antarctic Expedition 1955-1958.

Price: $49.90
Terra Incognita

About the landscape, myths and history of one of the remotest parts of the globe.

Price: $29.90

Antarctic Peninsula

The North of the Peninsula with maps of the main islands and ports.

Publisher: Zagier
Scale: 1:1,500,000
Price: $24.90
Antarctic Exploration

Detailed map including the historical approaches to the White Continent.

Publisher: Zagier
Scale: 1:6,800,000
Price: $34.90

Antarctica & Terra del Fuego

The map shows territorial claims, and wildlife.

Publisher: ITMB
Scale: 1:7,000,000
Price: $24.90

National Geographic Antarctica

This map contains inset maps showing the subglacial continent and various countries' claims on the region.

Size: 790 x 510
Unlaminated: $49.90
Laminated: $69.90

Antarctic Explorer

A map of the Antarctic continent.

Publisher: Zagier
Scale: 1:2,250,000
Price: $34.90

Topography with contours & numerous spot heights.

Publisher: Reise
Scale: 1:8,000,000
Price: $24.90

NZ14900 Ross Sea
A New Zealand nautical chart.

Size: 1200 x 800
Scale: 1:2,000,000
Unlaminated: $25
Laminated: $45

NZ14065 New Zealand to the Ross Sea
A New Zealand nautical chart.

Size: 1200 x 800
Scale: 1:10,000,000
Unlaminated: $25
Laminated: $45

Topo50 maps - $9.90 each:
  • ME13 Cape Royds
  • ME14 Mount Erebus
  • MF13 Hut Point Peninsula
  • MF14 Windless Bight

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