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Travel Accessories

Adapter - Asia / USA
New Zealand to USA / Asia earthed
Adapter - British
New Zealand to UK
Adapter - Europe
New Zealand to Europe
Adapter - USA
New Zealand to USA unearthed
Alarm call
Travel alarm clock with light
4 Level crescendo alarm
15 Minute snooze option
Push-button nightlight
Compact & easy to pack
Bag lock
Solid brass luggage lock
Supplied with 3 keys
Solid, safe & secure
Fits most zipped luggage
20mm wide
Birthday Lock
Innovative birthday luggage lock
5 dial 'date' combination code
Use a memorable date or birthday as code
TSA accepted for travel in America
Error-free setting mechanism
Body Pouch
Body wallet inspired by lingerie design
Made from breathable, skin-soft fabrics
Ultra comfy & easy to wear
Conceals valuables under clothing
Fully adjustable, one size fits all
Cabin Bottle Set
Cabin approved travel bottle set
4 x 100ml clear bottles & handy carry case
2 Screw caps, 1 flip-top cap & 1 atomiser
Wide filling aperture - no mess
Ideal for gel, lotion, paste & other liquids
Check Strap
Strap attachment for wheeled luggage
Easy to use
Made from tough woven fabric
Makes travelling more enjoyable
Ear Plugs
Reusable foam ear plugs
3 Pairs per pack
Hygienic travel carry case
Moulds to fit ear canal
Made from super soft memory foam
Flight Socks (nude)
Medically researched graduated compression socks
Unisex design in black & tan
Available in small, medium & large
Relieves tired, aching legs, feet & ankles
Improves blood circulation & prevents DVT
Available in Medium and Large
Glo Bag Tags
Always know which suitcase is yours
Glo Key Lock
(TSA approved)
Bright TSA accepted luggage locks
2 Locks per pack / 2 keys per lock
Available in fun, bright colours
Helps to identify luggage
Allows US security personnel to examine luggage
Link Lock
Combination cable lock
Steel cable attaches to any secure fixing
Keeps multiple bags secure
Easy to set using a code of your choosing
Reliable 3 dial design - no keys to lose
Lock Strap
Anti-slip key lock suitcase strap
Cannot be removed once locked
Deters opportunistic luggage theft
Includes 2 keys
TSA accepted for travel to America
Luggage Strap
Bold suitcase strap
Avoids mistaken identity
Durable & built to last
Fully adjustable - fits most suitcases
Fun, bright & instantly recognisable
Money Belt
Unisex money belt
Conceals valuables under clothing
Soft, comfy & easy to wear
Protects passports, money & credit cards
Single secure zipped compartment
Passport Pouch
Soft & comfy neck pouch
Protects passports, money & other valuables
Designed to be worn under clothing
Unisex styling
Includes 2 secure zipped compartments
Travel Clothes Line
Pegless travel washing line
Easy to hang anywhere
Rubber suction cups
Unique 'twist' design
2.5m / 8ft in length
Personal Pillow
Inflatable pillow, easy and rapid to inflate and deflate
Removable outer jacket, can be washed at 30
Compact dimensions when packed
RFID Card Guard
2 RFID credit card covers
1 Cover protects 1 credit card
Blocks illegal RFID scanning equipment
Protects RFID enabled credit cards from data theft
Works in any wallet or purse
RFID Card Guard
Undergarment RFID money belt
Protects passports, credit cards & other valuables
Blocks illegal RFID scanning equipment
Safeguards against identity theft & digital crime
Soft, padded & easy to wear
Sleeping Mask
Soft & comfy sleeping mask
One size fits all
Free pair of soft & squishy foam ear plugs
Prevents disturbing light & promotes sleep
Fully adjustable headband
Travel Pillow
Inflatable neck pillow, easy and rapid to inflate and deflate
Horseshoe shape for excellent neck support
Avoids neck discomfort when sleeping upright
Removable outer jacket, can be washed at 30
Compact dimensions when packed
Travel Sentry Lock
TSA accepted combination luggage lock
Reliable 3 dial design - no keys to lose
Easy to set using a code unique to you
Error-free setting mechanism
Allows US security personnel to examine luggage
WorldWide USB Charger
Worldwide USB charger with 4 USB ports
USA plug with UK, EU and Australasian plugs
4.8A auto-regulating power output
Fast and efficient charging for devices
Use in more than 210 countries

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