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Quirky Books

Unusual and/or interesting books that don't fit anywhere else.

Kiwi-As Toilets

This is a quirky and light-hearted coffee table book and travel guide that takes the reader on a tiki tour of New Zealand's top toilets.

From toilets that celebrate their region's heritage and scenery or showcase art and architecture, to wonderfully weird WCs and fun facilities, this eclectic collection of toilets celebrates everything that's Kiwi-as

Price: $29.90

World's Worst Travel Destinations

From the dirty to the depraved, the barren to the downright boring, going off the beaten track isn't always all it's cracked up to be.

This humorous guide, packed with bizarre facts, turns the travel genre on its head and uncovers some of the most unusual places the world has to offer.

With weird and wonderful destinations from across the globe, discover Kazantip in the Crimea, where every year a mix of 150,000 ravers and Russian Mafia bosses with their teen brides in tow go to listen to electronic music on rotation for six weeks.

So unpack your bags, put away your passport, and save yourself some money by reading this guide. Then feel grateful that you'll never make the mistake of visiting these places yourself.

Price: $14.90


Loos with incredible views, lavish lavatories, outstanding outhouses - all are featured in thispictorial guide to the world's most stunning toilets.

More than 100restrooms to remember are featured, from Antarctica to Zambia.

As any experienced traveller knows, you can tell a whole lot about a place by its bathrooms.

In these pages you'll find porcelain pews with fantastic views, audacious attentionseekingurban outhouses, and ecothrones made from sticks and stones in all sorts of wild settings,from precipitous mountain peaks to dusty deserts.

So, wherever you're reading this, we hopeyou're sitting comfortably.

Price: $16.90

Ultimate Signspotting

Lonely Planet presents the ultimate collection of the planet's most perplexing signs.

With these silly, strange and downright hilarious public notices all spotted and snapped 'in the wild' getting lost in translation has never been more fun.

Price: $16.90

50 Places to Stay To Blow Your Mind

- glass igloos in Finnish Lapland
- wooden spheres in Canadian treetops
- geodesic domes in the Patagonian wilderness
- old-school opulence at New York's Plaza Hotel
- gravity-defying Bivacco Gervasutti on Mt Blanc
- Mirrorcube in Sweden which disappears into its surroundings

Price: $16.90

50 Bars To Blow Your Mind

Whether they boast a jawdropping location, worldclass artisan cocktails or an effortless cool, these bars are among the best places on the planet to enjoy a drink or two.

Some bars have earned their spot by playing up their obvious assets, whether it's an interesting urban location or a stunning natural setting.

Price: $16.90

A Travel Guide To James Cook's New Zealand

New Zealand remained a special place during James Cook's epic voyages of discovery and exploration. He returned to the country several times and this book depicts the places of special importance which James Cook visited.

This guide will illustrate the locations, lead you to them, and explain their provenance, with contemporary travel detail along with historical excerpts drawn from the journals of Captain James Cook.

Price: $29.90

Navigation For Dummies

30-Minute Guide on map reading, GPS, compass use and navigation

Many people love the outdoors but often fail to consider what may happen if they become lost.

The main topics covered include:
  • the use of GPS
  • why GPS cannot always be relied on
  • Navigate with a map and compass
  • Navigate without any aids

    Price: $29.90

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