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North Island Wall Maps

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    Map Title: Ultimate North Island Map
    Publisher: Kiwimaps
    Size: 1800 x 1100 mm
    Unlaminated: $199
    Laminated: $379

    Map Title: North Island
    Publisher: Kiwimaps
    Size: 900 x 750 mm
    Folded: $14.90
    Unlaminated: $17.90
    Laminated: $59.90


    Map Title: North Island
    Publisher: LINZ
    Size: 860 x 710 mm
    Folded: $12.90
    Unlaminated: $15.90
    Laminated: $59.90

    Map Title: North Island
    Publisher: Geographx
    Size: 1300 x 960 mm
    Unlaminated: $149
    Laminated: $239


    Map Title: North Island
    Publisher: GNS
    Size: 1080 x 900 mm
    Unlaminated: $39.90
    Laminated: $69.90

    Map Title: The Land and its people - Te Ika a Maui
    Publisher: LINZ
    Size: 900 x 685 mm
    Unlaminated: $19.90
    Laminated: $49.90

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