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Fauna & Flora of New Zealand

There are giant snails and tree daisies, flightless birds and 1,000-year-old trees – but few reptiles. The extreme and the unusual abound in New Zealand's flora and fauna, a high proportion of which are found nowhere else in the world.

All the books listed here are in stock, but a number are out of print and will no longer be available once sold.

Reed Field Guide to NZ Alpine Flora and Fauna
Included in this books are the mammals, birds, frogs and lizards, fish, insects, and grasses and ferns that inhabit our alpine areas.
Field Guide to Wild NZ

This is a single field guide that covers New Zealand's plants, birds, insects and animals for people interested in this country's natural history.

Field Guide to NZ's Native Trees

This book is organised in three main sections—conifers, tree ferns and flowering trees—and covers 209 species.

Guide to Insects of NZ

NZ's long isolation from other land masses has produced some remarkable species - heaviest insect (giant weta) and largest weevil (giraffe weevil).

Guide to Sea Fishes of NZ

This book covers many reef fishes, and discusses their habits by day and night, their modes of life, diet and relation to their surroundings.

Guide to Seashells of NZ

This book covers 165 common and a few rarer species of molluscs one is most likely to encounter on New Zealand seashores.

Field Guide to NZ Birds

This book is the modern classic of the genre – the tried and trusted reference for lovers of New Zealand birds.
Guide to Ferns of NZ

There are nearly 200 native species occurring everywhere from the coast through to the alpine regions.

Guide to Birds of New Zealand

Features photographs of birds with information on distribution, habitat, behaviour and breeding.

Guide to Moths & Butterflies of NZ

This book introduces important species, describing their appearance, behaviour and life cycle.

Guide to Freshwater Fishes of NZ

This is a great book for enabling people outdoors to identify fish in rivers and lakes around NZ.


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