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Spot X guides to everything

Spot X Boat Fishing

Over 3000 fishing spots from North Cape the Bluff. This book has been dedicated to the saltwater fishermen of New Zealand with spots from North Cape to Stewart Island, clearly marked on charts and maps with GPS co-ordinates.

With over 264 pages, it gives comprehensive coverage of most areas that people love to fish.


Spot X Camping

Nationwide directory of over 3000 tent, caravan and motor home spots with maps, contact details and facilities.

A directory like this is a living thing as camping spots are opening up, closing down, changing ownership and facilities, every day of the week. That is why Spot X will list all changes and updates on their website, as they come to hand, and they will be updated in the next issue.


Spot X Diving

Over 750 diving spots nationwide with locations of wrecks, crayfish, scallops, caves, reserves and photography sites.

The SpotX Diving Book shows GPS marks and access for all dive spots: type of dive, degree of difficulty, species, depth, current, restrictions, special conditions plus any other relevant details relating to the safety and enjoyment of the dive site.


Spot X Freshwater Fishing

This book provides information on 100s of rivers and lakes.

It was collated with the assistance of Fish & Game New Zealand which means that the book shows legal access for some fishing locations.

This book covers it all from North Cape to the Bluff.


Spot X Wild foods

Over 400 simple recipes for 54 NZ fish and game species, desgined for use on a boat, hut or at the bach on a BBQ, oven, pan or pot.

This book is a collection of the author's favourite recipes and the best of the recipes that he has gleaned from his colleagues and readers over the years.


Spot X Hunting

With 850 hunting spots, this book has a topographic map to illustrate each location.

It also provides details of the species available, permits, accommodation access, and huntin tips.


Spot X Surfcasting

With 561 surfcasting spots in this book, this book coversNew Zealand's coastline comprehensively

There's a real mixture of spots, from wharves that produce a few sprats for kids, to far-off rock ledges that require immense effort to get to.


Spot X Surfing

This book is a 'must read' for anyone planning to surf New Zealand as it is a compilation of knowledge gleaned after years of experience by some of this country's finest surfers.

The author's surfing expertise and the unselfish sharing of knowledge by the locals has resulted in a comprehensive book featuring: 300 spots.


Spot X Tramping

This book features more than 400 tramping tracks with related access, permits, regulations and accommodation.

SpotX Tramping New Zealand is one of the most comprehensive books of its kind with detailed topographical maps showing full details of these walks.


Spot X Walking

This books covers short NZ walks close to urban centres. They are mainly 2 to 4 hour walks up to a maximum of 6 hours.

There are more than 400 walks from North Cape to Stewart Island.


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