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Books for Children

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The following books provide an exciting look at our world and its people, places and wildlife.

These atlases will enrich children’s knowledge of the world around them, from a country’s geography to its history, wildlife and culture.

Kids Survival
What animals will you encounter in the forest? Where do you find water in the desert? This guide is packed with tips to survive in the wilderness!
Incredible cabinet of Wonders
Kids can lift the flaps and open the cabinet doors to discover 100 objects from our planet's past and present,
Discover our solar system
Enjoy a cosmic tour of our awe-inspiring solar system with this illuminating illustrated guide. (age 7+)

How to Be a Space Explorer
This is for aspiring astronauts, packed with stories from space exploration. Learn how to navigate black holes and survive space.
Daredevil's Guide to Dangerous Places
With a mix of photos, facts and danger stats, it's a fun and absorbing introduction to our wild and wonderful world.
Stars and Planets Handbook
This bright, bold handbook will answer kids questions on just how our solar system works.


The Big World of Fun Facts
This is a book of stories from around the world. From countries to sports, flags, animals and more, this adventure will boggle your mind.
Atlas Obscura
This is a guide for every adventurous kid as it goes on an expedition to 100 of the world's most mysterious and mesmerising places.

Kid's World Atlas
This easy reference atlas features 3 types of maps with easy to understand icons, plus narrative that draws the reader into diverse cultures represented.

The Big Earth Book
This book shows how four elements - earth, fire, air and water - created the world and everything that exists today.
Adventures around the Globe
Come and explore some of the most amazing places across the world. Discover each of the continents with fun facts, Maps, sticker scenes and puzzles.
The Holiday Activity Book
This fun and educational holiday-themed activity book will keep young children entertained for hours. It features illustrations that will draw children in and keep them busy. (4+)

Adventures in Busy Places
Explore some of the busiest places in the world with fun games, puzzles and reusable stickers
Adventures in Cold Places
Explore some of the coldest places in the world with fun games, puzzles and reusable stickers
Adventures in Famous Places
Explore some of the most famous places in the world with fun games, puzzles and reusable stickers

Adventures in Noisy Places
Explore some of the noisiest places in the world with fun games, puzzles and reusable stickers
Adventures in Smelly Places
Explore some of the smelliest places in the world with fun games, puzzles and reusable stickers
Complete Guide to Space
This out-of-the-world adventure takes young explorers on a voyage of discovery across the universe.

Not for Parents: Britain
The stories are illustrated with a blend of photos, illustrations and great cartoons
Not for Parents: China
This guide is written with a perfect pitch for young readers, with lively stories and spooky histories.
Not for Parents: New York City
Check out stories about hot dogs and snapping alligators, bulls in the stock exchange and sports on the street.

Not for Parents: USA
In this book you'll hear fascinating tales about the Wild West, cockroach races, a massive canyon and weddings in Vegas.
Animals of Aotearoa
This is a compendium for children curious about New Zealand's wild animals. The book includes land and sea birds, frogs and lizards, many kinds of fish, insects and invertebrates.
How to be a dinosaur hunter
Everything young explorers need to know about how to become a famous dinosaur hunter.

Travel Book
Cool stuff to know about every country in the world. Do you know which country banned chewing gum?
Amazing World Atlas
This shows kids what the world is really like. Touching on culture, sports, school life, this book is designed for kids aged 8 and up.
Not for Parents: How to be an International Spy
There's no going back, Agent. Once you enter, your training will begin as you join the secret world of spies.

Decide on the laws, choose your borders, make your flag, attract loyal citizens and lots more. You'll get to create, organise, govern and judge.
At the Beach
This is a must for the home, bach, classroom and library. Has a removable, waterproof quick-reference guide to common seashore animals.
In the Garden
This book encourages children to explore their gardens and discover the plants and animals that live there.

From Moa to Dinosaur
Explore ancient forests, lakes and the seas around Zealandia. Discover animals that once made this their home
Under the Ocean
This book introduces young children to the creatures that live in the seas around New Zealand. .
In the Bush
Young readers will be fascinated to learn more about familiar creatures. They also learn about pests and dangers to NZ's wildlife.

The world is flat: Not!
An atlas of cool world maps that teaches kids new ways of seeing our changing Earth's history, people, environment, and wildlife.
The Travel Activity Book
A treasure-trove of travel activities, this book will keep kids entertained for hours - whether on a car journey or in a queue at the airport.
Horrible Geography
Crammed full of far-out facts, it's the ultimate Horrible Geography guide to the planet. Geography with the gritty bits left in!

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