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* North Island Cycle Maps *

These are the options for maps of New Zealand for cycling.

  1. North Island (1 map) - (road map)
  2. North Island (2 maps) - (road maps with some cycle trails)
  3. North Island (10 maps) - (including cycle trails)

Map title: North Island
Publisher: Kiwimaps
Scale: 1:1,000,000
Size: 880 x 615mm
Price: $11.90

This map covers the entire North Island.
It has all the roads on the map.
The smaller roads are marked, but are not named.



Map title: Northern & Central North Island
Map title: Eastern & Southern North Island
Publisher: Kiwimaps
Scale: 1:500,000
Size: 900 x 650mm
Price: $11.90 each

These 2 double-sided maps are more detailed.
These are our most popular maps for cyclists.

Rural Road Maps (with cycle trails)

At this scale, there are 8 rural road maps to cover the North Island.

These maps have all the back country roads on them, and all roads are named.

The maps are $11.90 each.

Clicking on the links below will open a map showing the coverage of each number from the Index above.

       1. Far North map
       2. Northland map
       3. Auckland/Coromandel map
       4. Waikato/Bay of Plenty map
       5. East Cape map
       6. Taranaki map
       7. Hawkes Bay map
       8. Wellington map

These 10 maps are also available in a ring-bound atlas for $39.90.

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