Arc JET Spectra

This Silva compass is an optimal thumb compass for orienteers.

The Arc-series is built on the Silva Jet 2.0 needle. The needle has been designed to provide great balance between speed and stability.

The thumb baseplate is designed with a cut-out to provide contact between thumb and map, and an attachable thumb plate for those who prefer the more classic thumb grip. Simply slide it on/off to the baseplate with a simple click, try it out and see what you like the best.

Furthermore, the thumb bands are easy to adjust and come in two versions, a soft and a firm band. They are both included in the package and are rubberized at the inside for optimal friction making sure the compass stays in place and fits comfortably on your hand.

  • Silva Jet 2.0 needle with great needle speed and settling time.
  • Arc wing design for extra support and stability.
  • The baseplate design allows thumb contact with the map.
  • Attachable thumb plate. Slide it on/off to the baseplate.
  • Attachable scale stickers: 1:15 k, 1:10 k, 1:7.5 k, 1:4 k.
  • Balanced for the Southern Hemisphere
  • 5 year warranty

Price: $179