M5 M5 M5

Suunto M5 - $249

TheM5 is optimized for any aerobic activity. The optionalFoot POD,Bike POD andGPS POD* will send real-time data to your heart rate monitor on your wrist. So when you go jogging or cycling you will see your speed and distance covered. The PODs are easy to use - just attach them to your running shoe, bike, or arm. Suunto Movestick wrelessly transfers your M5 training data to Movescount.com, and downloads any program from Movescount.com to M5.

*Please note thatM5 is not compatible with Suunto Cadence POD.


* Stopwatch

Heart Rate
* ANT - digital coded heartrate / speed signal
* Calories In real time
* HR in real time
* Memory Capacity 1 log and 4 week totals in unit history menu; up to 80 logs available in Movescount.com

Heart Rate Belts
* Suunto Dual Comfort Belt (Analog Coded & ANT Coded) Included

* Backlight type Electro-luminescent display
* Dot-matrix display
* Menu-based user interface
* Operating temperature -20C - +60C / -5F - +140F
* Selectable metric/imperial units
* Storage temperature -30C - +60C / -22F - +140F
* Water resistance 30 m / 100 ft
* Weight Max. 40 g

* Low battery warning
* User replaceable battery

* Button lock
* Compatible with PODs

Training and Exercise Guidance
* ACSM* recommendation based exercise guidance (*American College of Sports Medicine)
* Automatically adapting training program for the next 7 days (fitness improvement, weight management, free training)
* Daily exercise instructions
* Exercise duration and intensity guidance in real time
* Fitness test
* Motivating feedback messages
* Next workout suggestion: ideal duration and intensity
* Recovery time suggestion after exercise

* 12/24h
* Calendar clock
* Daily alarms 1
* PC Software
* Training data transfer and analysis Through Movescount.com (with optional Movestick)
* Download exercise programs to M5 From Movescount.com (with optional Movestick)

MapWorld's price for the Suunto M5 is $249