Map: Exploring The World

Map is a comprehensive collection of maps and mapping throughout history, exploring the full diversity of the cartographer's art through some of the most important, groundbreaking and beautiful maps ever made.

  • A visually engaging, thematic survey of maps, unlike most other books which are limited to historical examples or geographical maps only
  • Over 250 maps featured, sequenced thematically to allow for many revealing and stimulating juxtapositions, with a timeline of maps at the back to show the history of cartography
  • Maps selected by an international panel of experts, with a full and authoritative explanation of each map
  • Includes iconic and significant historical maps like the Babylonian Imago Mundi (c. 600 BCE) and the Ptolemy maps, as well as modern examples such as the graphic map of the London Underground of 1931 and digital examples like Paul Butler's 2010 Facebook Friendships map
  • Easy-to-use format, with short, accessible texts and key caption information, it is the perfect introduction to the subject