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* South Island Cycle Maps *

These are the options for maps of South Island for cycling.

  1. South Island (1 map) - (road map)
  2. South Island (2 maps) - (road maps with some cycle trails)
  3. South Island (10 maps) - (including cycle trails)

Map title: South Island
Publisher: Kiwimaps
Scale: 1:1,000,000
Size: 880 x 615mm
Price: $9.90

This map covers the entire South Island.
It has all the roads on the map.
The smaller roads are marked, but are not named.



Map title: Northern & Central South Island
Map title: Central & Southern South Island
Publisher: Kiwimaps
Scale: 1:500,000
Size: 900 x 650mm
Price: $9.90 each

These 2 double-sided maps are more detailed.
These are our most popular maps for cyclists.

Rural Road Maps (with cycle trails)

At this scale, there are 10 rural road maps to cover the South Island.

These maps have all the back country roads on them, and all roads are named.

In addition, these maps have cycle trails on them.

The maps are $9.90 each.

Clicking on the links below will open a map showing the coverage of each number from the Index above.

       9. Nelson/Marlborough map

       10. North Westland map

       11. Marlborough/Kaikoura map

       12. South Westland map

       13. Canterbury map

       14. Southern Lakes map

       15. Otago map

       16. Fiordland map

       17. Southland map

       18. Stewart Island map

These 10 maps are also available in a ring-bound atlas for $34.90.

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