Antarctic Peninsula

Clearly drawn map of the region with enlarged maps of some of the islands off the northern coast. The main map at 1:1,500,000 distinguishes the ice shelf and land mass, and indicates glacial zones. Many bays, islands, capes etc. are named, and latitude and longitude lines are drawn at 2 and 6 intervals respectively. Drawings of a range sea mammals and birds of the region are shown in the margins, and guidance notes for visitors are included, regarding the protection of the environment.

On the reverse are larger scale maps of the following areas: Hope Bay, part of the South Shetland Islands group (1:60,000 - 1:400,000), the environs of Ambers Island in the Palmer Archipelago (1:500,000), the environs of Booth Island, Pleneau Island, Hovgaard Island, Peterman Island and the Islas Argentinas off the western coast (1:60,000).

Added interest is provided by the elevation profile diagrams of four cross-sections through the continent, a list of the national scientific stations in Antarctica (with their latitude and longitude), two small maps showing their locations and a map showing the national claims to Antarctic sectors.

Much of the text is in Spanish and English, and a glossary of geographic terms is provided in English, French, Spanish and German.