Antarctic Continent Exploration Map

Antarctica at 1:6,800,000 on an attractive and informative map from the Buenos Aires bases publishers Zagier & Urruty printed on waterproof and tear-resistant synthetic paper and showing topography, exploration routes, research stations, etc.

The map uses relief shading and graphics to provide a picture of the continent's topography, with plenty of names of mountain ranges, peaks, glaciers, ice shelves, coastal bays and other geographical features. Several explorations routes are marked, as well as historical sites such as Scott's and Shackleton's huts and present-day research stations.

On the surrounding oceans are numerous lovely drawings of ships involved in exploring Antarctica, including Endurance, Fram, Discovery, Belgica, Terra Nova, etc. The map also has 11 small panels reproducing exploration maps from James Cook to Amundsen, Scott, Shackleton and Byrd.

All place names and the text are in English.