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Scratch Globe

Scratch Globe is s gold foil coated map of the world to scratch off where you're been.

Price: $59.90
Political Globe

This is a 28cm political blue ocean globe with a plastic base and meridian.

Price: $99.90
Black Globe

This is 28cm black-ocean political globe has a chromed metal base

Price: $79.90
Terenne Globe

This blue political illuminated globe runs on 2 AA batteries.

Price: $59.90
World Supermap

Our most popular world map. It's 1540 x 970mm. Laminated.

Price: $79.90
Deluxe Scratch

The map is black and gold until you start scratching.

Price: $59.90
World Map Shower Curtain

It's 1700x1800 mm. European centred and brightly coloured.

Price: $79.90
Stamp World Map

Stamps: one for where you've been and one for where to go.

Price: $79.90
World Atlas of Coffee

This book charts coffee production over 35 countries, lookng at all the varieties.

Price: $59.90
World Atlas of Wine

Dynamic wine regions are covered in detail.

Price: $89.90
Our Continent Revealed

Zealandia encompasses New Caledonia to Campbell Islands.
Price: $59.90
Times Desktop World Atlas

This atlas is a complete world reference atlas in a convenient and easy to use format.

Price: $79.90
Shelter from the Storm

This book is lavishly with a huge range of historic and contemporary photographs.

Price: $79.90
Wild about New Zealand

This book is about what each of 14 national parks offers the visitor.

Price: $64.90
A New Zealand History

This book tells the story of the development of tramping in New Zealand.

Price: $69.90
View From The Road

From Bluff to the Far North. This book explores the country and people on Highway 1.

Price: $69.90

A wonderful, hands-on globe designed to be cuddled.

Price: $79.90
World Adapter with USB

This compact adapter can be used in 220 countries.

Price: $89.90
Expedition compass

The Expedition compass comes with adjustable declination.

Price: $99.90
Ranger S compass

The series most popular among mountaineers and backpackers.

Price: $79.90

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